Olympic Trials 2016








Nationals is over!

After taking a week off to recharge and get away from track, it is time to reflect. I tied for 3rd, but got 4th because I had an extra miss. Talk about frustrating, as I lost out on 4 grand!! However, I didn’t deserve it. 2.08m was my final mark, ending a mediocre season.

2.14m was my best performance of the year. This looks mediocre by my standards, but on closer inspection there are many positives to takeaway. I’m faster and stronger than I’ve ever been. Hip surgery in August 2014 went extremely well, with my hip back up to 99%. And I just completed the most consistent season of my life, with tons of meets and a brand new training group.

With so many things going well this year, what went wrong?

Good question! I can think of a handful of things that could have went better, including the past month of training and a couple small injuries. However, 90% of why I never jumped 2.24 this year was due to technique. The best year of track was in 2012, where I improved by 9cm and broke the 30 year old provincial record. That year, I played basketball for warmup 2-3 times a week, and also competed in long jump. My body just knew how to JUMP!!

Looking forward to 2016, I need to get back to this. I am proud that I jumped 2.14m this year, with awful technique at takeoff. This isn’t a year for excuses, and I will do everything in my power to join the 2.30 club. 9 months of training with the best coaches and in the best situation possible is a great start to getting to Rio. Combining this with a renewed effort to relearn how to get off the ground is the key that will get me to Olympics.

This is the biggest year of my athletic career. Game time!