Show me any successful businessman or athlete and I’ll show you someone that had immense support from family, friends and mentors

Zig Ziglar

After celebrating two thanksgiving holidays this year, I recognized it was time to reflect on the past year. Track might be an individual sport, but it takes a team to make it work. Here are 4 thank you’s to those that have had a huge impact on my preparations for 2016!


Many of my Canadian friends haven’t met my girlfriend, who I met in Phoenix 12 months ago. She has become my best friend and a huge supporter of my goals. Even when I want to put a treadmill into our bedroom, or pass up a night on the town to get 9 hours of sleep, she doesn’t complain. I truly believe a healthy relationship is key to a well rounded, mentally strong athlete. Love you Em!


“Hey mom and dad. I am going to move across the continent, live with my girlfriend, and be unemployed for 9 months in order to chase my goals.” Could you ask for more faith and support than that? I wouldn’t be¬†at this point if it wasn’t for mom and dad.

Adopted family in Phoenix

Last year, as I prepared for my second training camp at Altis, I had everything lined up. Of course, at the last minute plans changed and I didn’t have a place to stay. This is where Lois came in. One of my best friends back home, Jessica Fisher, mentioned that her aunt lives in Scottsdale and might be able to help me out. A few weeks later, I was pulling up to their house, only a short drive away from the track. Now most people from Regina wouldn’t understand, but a short drive in Phoenix is anything less than 15-20 minutes. Considering it takes 90 minutes to make it from the North East to South West suburbs of the city, I was beyond lucky to have found Lois and Bailey. Later that year they offered up a room for another stay, 6 months long this time! I don’t think I can ever show my full gratitude to my Phoenix family. What a huge role they played in making it possible to pursue excellence, and I am eternally thankful to both of them for taking me in. Thanks Lois and Bailey!

Coaches & Therapists

As teachers, friends, psychologists, and creators of the road map to 2016, my coaches are simply amazing. In high school, my high jump story begun at an elementary school, with Daniel Sentes. A very enthusiastic, incredibly dedicated man led me into success again and again as my career took off. I couldn’t have done it without you Dan. As I entered university, I was privileged to work with arguably the best jumps coaches in the CIS. Rick and Bruce have guided me through the many curve balls life throws at varsity athletes, and managed to become great friends of mine, earning my respect and admiration. Thank you both. Now that my athletics career has moved beyond university, I have found 3 coaches that take knowledge and expertise to another level. The learning and training at Altis is invaluable. Any athlete that wants to take their track career to the next level knows where they need to be. Thanks Kyle, Natasha and Dan!

Let me know who you are thankful for in the comments!