Athletics Canada announced today that 41 athletes are going to South Korea for the World University Games (FISU). My congratulations go out to my fellow Canadians!

However, I am not here to talk about them today. Hundreds of university athletes are receiving the disappointing news that they won’t be making the trip, myself included. Ahhhhhh!

What more could I have done? $7000 were spent to get the best coaching and training opportunity. 6 months invested into being a full time athlete in Phoenix. Paradigm shifts were forced to occur in my eating and life routines. I went under the knife to fix a hip, while sustaining and recovering from a torn knee. And I competed the most I have ever done in a summer, even before the snow melted back home. Excuse my language, but fuck this sucks.

Michael Jordan Fail Quote

As hard as this all is to swallow, I DON’T REGRET IT!

Every track athlete knows there are going to be major ups and downs as we battle for spots on the big team next year. The Canadian Olympic team won’t be much bigger, and the competition will be beyond fierce. The most important takeaway for me is that I am moving forward. Sure my results have been meagre, with heights I’ve previously soared being a struggle. But at the end of the day, I am smarter, stronger, faster, and ready to jump new bests. A few technical things have made me look like a failure. I’ve lost this battle. But in 390 days, the final decision will be made on who wins the war.

So for all the people that did, or didn’t get to represent Team Canada, Olympic Trials are coming! Time to renew our focus and keep moving forward, one practice at a time.