8 Ways To Grind

Athletes are great at working hard. We know that pushing ourselves on the court, track or weight room is the key to success. However, there are always ways we can work harder to move towards our goals. Here are 8 ways to grind harder today 1. Work Financials are one... read more

Weight Lifting, and Why I Finally Buy In

As a high jumper, my training consists of 4 main areas Jump technique Sprinting Strength training Plyometrics and explosiveness training Naturally, some of these are critical in a seven-foot high jump. Jump technique alone accounts for a massive portion of a jump,... read more

4 Thank You’s For Thanksgiving

Show me any successful businessman or athlete and I’ll show you someone that had immense support from family, friends and mentors Zig Ziglar After celebrating two thanksgiving holidays this year, I recognized it was time to reflect on the past year. Track might... read more

5 Basics of Recovery

Many people know that recovery is important. So important in fact, that all growth and physical improvements occur during this stage of training. These 5 lessons are key to recovering from training. 1. Don’t skip the cool down: This plays a huge part in the... read more