Seriously. Do it now. If you want the one that works best for me, download Wunderlist. It comes on anything from a pc to mac to phone! Plus you can look at it on the web anywhere with internet.

Wunderlist Screenshot

So you are likely one of two groups reading this. You either thought to yourself “Yes, I will go get that right away”. In which case, you are like me. Love new gadgets and apps, always looking for the new best thing. This will be great for you, if you really get into it and use it consistently! Note the emphasis on using it consistently. Through regular use, it keeps me on track, on everything from going to bed by 10:30 to 30 minutes of self therapy. The other group of people is the skeptical, “not another app” group. Whether you are thinking that you doubt this would work for you, or you think I get something out of it, you are wrong! Haha maybe not, but I highly recommend you get it, or another type of online productivity system.

The Why

Simplifies your life, builds habits and keeps you accountable, and moves you toward your goals. I have only been using it for a couple months as of this post, and I would be lost without it! Isn’t this reason enough? Just think, every time I put a very actionable post (like they all are, duh), you can paraphrase anything important into your notes system (evernote perhaps?) and add actions that you can take now/in the future into your Wunderlist! Keeps your inbox clear, life simple and will quadruple the amount of actions you actually perform from reading and learning! Such a beautiful concept.

The How

All of the value provided from this program and system is through consistency. If you are having problems staying consistent with it, set aside 30 min in the morning (yes I just asked you to get up earlier) and make sure you are doing it. Still having problems, get a life coach or someone to keep you accountable (Highly recommend my guy. Send me an email and I’ll hook you up!). Hell, even use your phone to give you reminders. It WILL work! The basis for my productivity system comes from a combination of a few systems. The most useful ones I have learned come from my business coach, along with the Getting Things Done book, by David Allen. Some outdated concepts, but a great starting point if you don’t know where to begin. This book encouraged me to start doing a weekly review of my life, where I do all my paperwork and filing, update my goals, pay my credit cards, clean my room, etc. Life changing, I promise.

Einstein Simple

The Specifics

Ready to set it up? Great, lets go!

  • Download the program on your phone and computer
  • Create a single list called tasks. Everything will be aligned with the rules below and be placed here. Simplicity is important!
  • Create a task for recurring daily tasks. Set to repeat everyday, starting today! Add subtasks of things you want to do everyday, although keep it very simple (seeing a pattern here?) Add floss and empty inbox (if you are there already – I will be writing a post about inbox 0 and email productivity)
  • Add weekly review task, repeating once a week. Add subtasks of things you want to do every week, like pay bills, filing, reflect on the week (what went well, what didn’t, what can I improve on, are my actions moving me towards my goals)
  • Start planning your day the night before. Set whichever tasks you want to do as due for the next day, and keep it to less than you think. It is much better to be finishing your list and feeling good about it, rather than procrastinating it.

Boom! Thats it. Now just start adding tasks you want to get done as you think of them. Need to go wash your car? Throw it on there! Have a school assignment due? That goes on there too. The more of your life you add to Wunderlist, the better you can plan your day and boost your productivity!


Rule 0. These rules are not to be broken! Treat them as sacred.

Rule 1. All tasks have a due date. This rule is key, as tasks will never be completed without a due date

Rule 2. Use subtasks. They reduce resistance to working on task.

Rule 3. Don’t overfill your days. I don’t usually let my tasks go above 5, although everyone is different. When you finish your tasks for the day, you have spare time! Enjoy your day, socialize, play video games, whatever.

Rule 4. Plan your next day every evening

Rule 5. Create a daily tasks entry. Add to it as needed, keep it minimized, and complete it everyday!

Thats it! Following these rules will help greatly. Give it a try and let me know what you think below.