Jeremy is fundraising money to support his dream of making it to the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. Being only 9cm away from the peak of track and field is exciting, and he needs your help to make it happen. At the Summer Olympics in 2012, only 3 of the Canadian athletes were from Regina. Unfortunately, not a single athlete was a member of the U of Regina. You can help change this in 2016 by sponsoring Jeremy as he looks toward representing the Cougars and city in Rio.

He is looking to raise funds to help pay for some of the coaching and training expenses he will incur whilst training in Arizona. It will cost $6000 per year to have access to high performance coaching and therapy, plus upwards of $2000 per month to live in Arizona. This tough economic choice was made with Jeremy’s coach’s blessing in order to maximize the chances of reaching his ultimate goal, the Olympic Standard. Jeremy and his mentors have decided he needs to train in Phoenix for 6-10 months a year, but it is difficult to fit into the budget. With only 15-20 hours a week available to work and pay bills, it is difficult…

Here is a reference letter from the President of the University

For more details, check out his blog post regarding the Finances of a Track Athlete or contact me at

**All donations will go straight to coaching, training, and therapy costs**

“Jeremy is a talented, dedicated and well-rounded young man who represents the best our University – and indeed, our province – has to offer. I would very much appreciate any financial or in-kind support you might be able to provide him as he works to represent Canada on the world’s biggest athletic stage – the Olympics.”

Click here for Dr. Timmon’s reference letter

Dr. Vianne Timmons

President of the University of Regina