Meeting up with some Canadians! Happy high jumpers with their mug and pug

Meeting up with some Canadians! Excited high jumpers with their mug and pug

Well this sure has been an interesting month. After two months of the best training I have ever experienced and countless gains, I had a setback. During one of our plyometrics drills (aka jump drills), I landed funny in the pit. After a couple weeks of no improvements, I finally decided to get it checked out.

Now hold that thought for a second, because it is time to go on a rant. Our team Chiropractor decided an MRI was needed, so I called my travel insurance company. All I can say is WOW. 19 phone calls later, they tried to cancel my coverage (for only a $550 procedure) because I am a professional athlete, they thought I was under my parents coverage still, they don’t work as an add-on plan, hoping it was a pre-existing injury, etc. After informing them that all of these and more were not true and therefore they needed to cover me, they reviled their ace in the pocket – My insurance was purchased for only the portion of the trip that was not covered by my parents coverage (I finished school Dec 31). Turns out, they have a loophole for situations like this. They can pretend you are covered and take your money, but if a situation arises inform you that you must have coverage for the entirety of your trip or it is invalid. Welp there goes 550 bucks… Thanks Blue Cross.

Now that I got that off my chest and flooded my system yet again with cortison and glucocorticoids (stress hormones), I arrive at the bad news. I was diagnosed with a 4x2mm tear. Fortunately, the injury is on my non-jump leg, and the patellar tendon is a large one. As I write this, approximately a month later, I have recovered to 95%, and can start jumping again (Yay!!!) Time to move forward and get ready for competing!

Jeremy High Jump Winnipeg

Time to Compete!


To wrap up, lets take a look at my upcoming competition schedule:

Aztec Outdoor Meet – Pima Community College, Feb 6
NAU Tune-up – Northern Arizona University, Feb 13
GCC Outdoor Meet – Grand Canyon Community College, Feb 21
Out to Cali for some other competitions!


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