It’s hard to believe it, but Senior Nationals are only 7 days away!

Naturally, this is important for multiple reasons. However, many people don’t know the intricate details behind a national championships. What exactly is on the line? What do we do to get ready? Lets take a look!


The number one question people Money Symbolalways ask is do you get paid. Hmm good question. Apparently, until this year I had the answer all wrong. I recently found out that funding from Sask Sport is very dependant on national championships results. In 2013, I jumped 2.19m, got bronze at nationals, and qualified for Team Canada twice. A medal at nationals (for Saskatchewan athletes), or qualifying for Team Canada gets your name onto the list, where they choose whether you deserve $1500, $4000, or $6500~. I’d say it is time for a medal, but no pressure!

Another funding opportunity comes from Sask Athletes (aka Sask Track and Field). These are different to qualify for, requiring a certain level of performance regardless of making teams and medals. This one was also changed recently. It used to be 3 levels of performance, up to a max of $2000~ for a 2.16m jump. This year, my jump of 2.14m guarantees only $500, with a 2.18m earning $4500-$5000!

Naturally, its a fight to get a medal, especially in a very competitive event like high jump! Michael Mason, 28, has been consistently at or near Olympic standard since 2008. He finished 8th at the 2012 Olympics. And then there is Derek Drouin, ranked 7th all time! He is an Olympic and World medalist, with a best of 2.40m (7’10.5″!). Third place is up for grabs, and I will be battling to keep my spot in the rankings. Currently, I am third in the country, with Django Lovett and Tacuma Anderson-Richards right behind me at 2.13 and 2.12 respectively. It should be a great competition!


We are 7 days out from nationals, and things are happening Bronze Medal 2013fast! An unfortunate ankle sprain set me out for a week of training, but is back close to 100%. The goal moving forward is four-fold:

  • Keep the ankle and body healthy
  • Nutrition nutrition nutrition!
  • Reduce stress and sleep tons
  • Get in a quality jump practice

My life coach, track coach, and I have created a solid plan to address each of these. While in Russia in 2013, I had a week of perfection that led to some amazing jumping and a body ready to jump high! The trick is to reproduce this, including the amazing cafeteria (10+ restaurants and salad bars), stress free living and a high performance environment!

My daily goals have been adjusted, work cut back, and the fridge is stocked! Lets see if it pays off!