After settling into my new Phoenix home, I came to realize something was missing. One of the biggest factors in Olympic preparations is going to be injury prevention. A major injury could set you back months, likely ruining the chances of jumping Olympic standard, 7’6″.

Aside from shins splints, knee injuries are one of the most common injuries a high jumper can endure. With this in mind, it is my duty to minimize sitting and not to give my legs a chance to tighten up. Tight legs plus massive forces generated at practice is a surefire way to arrive at a irritated knee, or worse..

This is why I spent $130 this weekend on setting up this:

Sure. It might not be the prettiest. It might not be the highest quality.

But I refuse to get injured this year because I sat too much. Get up, stop sitting and find a used treadmill to turn into a workspace.